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Trade Liberalisation

            Free Trade does not mean Fair Trade! .
             The key priorities of any International regime in agricultural policy must be to promote food and livelihood security and encourage sustainable production.
             Researching this area I learned the significance of Trade in . .
             Here are some .statistics I came across during my research.
             Trade can be a way of overcoming local and regional scarcity and can generate new livelihood and employment opportunities. Already 49 of the poorest countries earn 8 times more from trade than they receive in aid. They also depend on International trade much more than the richer countries do. However the potential benefits of Trade are passing the poor countries because the current International rules are biased in favor of the richest countries and companies.
             Trade Liberalization has made it harder for millions of small farmers around the world to sell their products. Instead of competing with farmers in the next village the next valley or even the next town country they are now competing with some of the richest and most heavily subsidized farmers in the world, The majority of the world's small farmers depend on agriculture for their survival. If they don't sell what they produce they can't buy goods or afford to send their children to school or pay for healthcare. In most cases farmers in the majority world receive little or no government aid. By contrast a tiny number of farmers in developed countries receive huge amounts of government support. $318 billion in 2003 alone of which 80% went to 20% of the richest farmers.
             Despite much in the way of promises rich countries have proved themselves Incapable of weaning farmers off subsidies. Instead they have increased steadily since 1950's .Even if they were dropped Western farmers would still have advantages of support over the years.
             Over decades of structural adjustments IMF and World Bank designed programmes. This led to dismantling of tariffs and opening of markets to Imports.

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