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             As we look back on events in the 19th century and remember how they affected societies, we think of some of the most awful events in time. The event that we are looking at deals with the rise of terror, racism, and humiliation. This dark and traumatic time in history is now known as the Holocaust.
             During the Holocaust, six million Jews were murdered while others were thrown out of their homes with no where to go, hundreds became homeless and sick. One of the most significant events that took place during this time is called Kristallnacht. This is better known as, "the night of broken glass". Many people thought this event triggered the Holocaust to begin. Kristallnacht occurred on the nights of November 9th and 10th in 1938. As we now look back we realize that these unforgettable night are one of the most embarrassing and horrific moments in German and Jewish history. The people that are most affected are the survivors. These are the people who will never forget the beatings, rape, and ultimate humiliation of all their people. .
             Throughout time people wondered what Kristallnacht actually meant. Kristallnacht was a Nazi street riot where streets were littered with broken glass. The broken glass came from the Jewish homes, stores, and synagogues that were bashed by the Germans. All of their personal property, stores, and families were destroyed. Everything that they valued including their strength and courage was lost and forgotten. Questions remained of what the purpose and reasoning behind this brutal torture was caused from. According to the Nazis, Kritallnacht was a rebellion against the Jew's for the assassination of German Secretary who worked in the German Embassy in Paris. The Secretary was killed by a Jewish protester living in France. The Jewish boy was only seventeen years old. He was upset that the Germans were capturing the Jews and polish Jews and sending them to concentration camps.


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