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Criticism of a King Lear Analysis

            As one of the most frequently read of Shakespeare's plays, "King Lear," has been subject to a wide range of analysis. "7 Reasons why "Reservoir Dogs" is a Masterpiece of Cinema, and its Similarity to Shakespeares" "King Lear"," suggests how there stands a correlation between the cinematic tour de force, "Reservoir Dogs," and the classic Shakespearean play, "King Lear." The thread that weaves these two works together is the shared mentalities of the works" characters.
             From the exterior, there are no apparent similarities that leads one to assume that these two works, "Reservoir Dogs" and "King Lear" convey similar themes. "Reservoir Dogs" is a film about a group of criminals robbing a jewelry store. "King Lear" is the story of trouble within families. As the author of the analysis, Glen Byrne, puts it; the two form a commonplace with their respective characters, each "engage in torture for their own satisfaction." Byrne draws similarities through the action characters in each piece partake in. The strongest of examples is the comparison between Mr.Blonde and Regan and Cornwall. Both have sadistic mindsets and perform acts "for the selfish gratification of one persons desires, at the expense of anothers physical (and mental) pain" while receiving t gratification because pain was being inflicted on the tortured. Mr. Blonde tortures a cop and cuts his ear off while, Regan and Cornwall torture Glouchester. Each action is heartless in nature, which is sustained by both characters making witty remarks before killing their victims. Regan and Cornwall enjoy their act of torture and the statements made to Glouchester before his death makes that clear: "Let him smell his way to Dover/out vile jelly." Mr. Blonde places similar yet more vulgar comments (about his no longer existent nose) before he killing the cop: "Hey how's it going can you hear that/hold still will ya." Byrne explains for the characters as "spoiled kids getting their own way," which is very much true.

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