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             The world has evolved and changed so much that so many things we thought were impossible are now possible, or becoming possible. Certain advances in the field of genetics have sparked controversy. Genetics offers a wide range of opportunities for people. It offers such ideas as allowing parents to choose what kind of sex there child would be, and parents also have the option of enhancing there child's memory and IQ. Cloning is also a big issue. There are people that are all for the experiments and possible outcomes. They believe that these new discoveries are able to improve the lives of people and society. However, there are those who greatly oppose genetic advances, believing that it interferes with the course of nature and can cause problems within society and the people who are genetically advanced. .
             Cloning is the process by which cells are supplied with healthy copies of missing, flawed, or desirable genes. It also involves the genetic screening and testing for diseases. Gene therapy can possibly be a cure for the genetic mutations that are constantly occurring in nature. The manner in which foreign genes are introduced into another cell is referred to as vector treatment.6 The vector refers to a virus which has been treated so that it is no longer harmful to the host cell. It still does, however, possess the ability to introduce its genetic material into the host cell. Viruses that possess desirable genes for the patient may be selected, or the genes of the virus may be altered in order to place desirable DNA onto the virus. Genetically altered viruses may then cause dramatic changes in the genes of the host cell. .
             Dilemmas for geneticists become especially acute in the myriad scenarios in cloning. As we learn more about the genetic components of complex human traits, both behavioral and nonbehavioral, we can expect more frequent inquiries from parents about the possibilities for manipulating the genotypes of their offspring to ensure a desired outcome.

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