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Research Paper on William Faulkner

            William Faulkner was an amazing poet, novelist and successor. He managed to write numerous novels, short stories and poems during his time on earth.
             "William Cuthbert Faulkner was born on September 25, 1897, in New Albany, Mississippi. William was the first-born son to Murry and Maud Faulkner. William was named after his great grandfather, who was shot to death in a duel with his previous business partner."(1).
             Just days before William's fifth birthday, his father was urged to move to Oxford. Murry took many bad jobs to help his father but while they were going about things the wrong way, Murry's uncle founded the First National Bank of Oxford in 1910, with a starting of $30,000.
             At a young age William began to demonstrate many artistic talents by drawing and writing poetry. Although around the sixth grade he began to grow very bored with his studies.
             His first literary efforts were romance stories. He got a lot of inspiration from English poets like Burns, Thomas, Housman, and Swineburne. Still very young, William made two new acquaintances who would later play a very big role in his life. They were his childhood sweetheart, Estelle Oldham, and Phil Stone, who would later become his literary mentor.
             Estelle was very popular and vivacious; she had an extreme social life and was quite the party animal. She and William soon became an item, but Estelle was the type of girl who was very big on commitment because she not only dated William, she also dated other boys. One inparticular young man was Cornell Franklin, a law student at Ole Miss. During the time Estelle dated Cornell things started to become very serious, and soon Cornell had popped the question of marriage. She accepted the proposal because she didn't think anything would really come of it since Cornell had made previous plans to move to Hawaii, which would enable him to create a law practice. As several months passed with Estelle thinking nothing of the engagement, a ring was sent to her in the mail.

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