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Under the Sea

             With the temperature soaring at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and a slight breeze blowing mildly, the Island of Hawaii was the definition of a perfect inhabitable location. It was not the perfect weather, or the stunning landscape that had a tinkling sensation running throughout my body, but rather it was the cool color blue which stupefied me the most. The very vast and tropical climate of the Pacific Ocean was the one thing that brought forth every living emotion to my body. For my visiting family, the ocean was merely another bland and original vacation to swim, snorkel, or to just cool off. For me it was the ecstasy of a lifetime, the pursuit of happiness, and more importantly, it was my first hand account to experience my goal to become a marine biologist. The trip to Hawaii had definitely become a significant experience that would further my never-ending fantasy to explore the depths of the ocean. .
             Back home in Flagstaff I was able to only experience the ocean from an 18 inch T.V. screen. Different channels, such as The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, allowed me to browse for educational programs whose content involved any kind of creature that populated the cosmic oceans. Now that I had made my way into the state of Hawaii, I would soon be able to see a very tiny but realistic view of what I had seen on television. With my first attempt to master the technique of snorkeling, I dived into the lukewarm water to find a whole new world awaiting me. Underneath the water, every care in the world disappeared to the fascination of colorful fish, and organic rocks. To find fish only 15 yards from the beach was amazing to my eyes! The other amazing part about it was that I was also a little bit nervous okay, even a little bit scared. Every now and then an image of the movie Jaws popped into my head and made me a bit paranoid. Of all the things that I had seen so far, there was nothing that could compare to the sea turtle that I managed to see, and even touch.

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