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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

             This book takes place in Vietnam era. The main idea of this movie is to educate people about drug culture. Viva Las Vegas! That's right this book takes place in Las Vegas.
             Raul Duke (Johnny Depp) and Dr. Gonzo (Benecio Del Toro) are the main characters. Raul is a reporter for a famous company and has a new task. Dr. Gonzo is Raul's attorney and they both are ragging drug attics. Both are very odd men and will show the result of being drug attics. Both Raul and Dr. Gonzo would be considered " tweakers".
             Some of the conflicts in the book are man vs. nature (drugs). Raul is trying to report on an important event. The Mint 400. He will encounter some problems accomplishing this task thanks to drugs. Another example of conflict in this story is person vs. person, Raul vs. Dr. Gonzo. It seems that they always encourage each other to do more drugs, which does not help Raul. Raul's attorney Dr. Gonzo .
             doesn't help him at all with his task. It seems as if he used Raul's job as an excuse to go to Las Vegas and get high.
             The main theme of this book is that Raul is supposed to report the historical, biggest motorcycle event ever. The Mint 400. Raul will have some problems accomplishing this task thanks to Dr, Gonzo's advice of bringing a big variety of drugs along. It seems that Raul isn't very interested in this race, he would rather get high and roam for bar to bar in Las Vegas. Well in the end Raul does not meet his goal instead he had an experience of a lifetime. It doesn't sound Raul would take a assignment like this again, he even says himself "My blood is to thick for Las Vegas"!.
             I liked many parts of this book. It was enjoyable to read. I thought this book was really funny, creative and very, very original. I thought that the book had some downfalls though. The book was kind of hard to follow, it was very slow at some parts and the ending is kind of out there.

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