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Compare/Contrast Inca and Mayan's

            Compare and contrast essay on the Mayan and Inca.
             In this essay I will compare and contrast the Mayan and Inca civilizations. Each civilization has many similarities and differences, and can relate to each other in different ways. This essay will introduce you to the basic similar and different topics that each have.
             The Mayan and Inca civilizations were both very ancient. Today there are still some people of both back round. Most of the people today that have either of these two back rounds are more known by their Mayan back rounds, considering that the Inca civilization only lasted 100 years and the Mayans longer. The Incans were taken over by the Spaniards. When the Spaniards came they burned many of the Incas possetions.
             People today think that when the Spaniards took over the Inca civilization, they had burned the books of hieroglyphs. So the only civilization known for their writings are the Mayans. Today's scientists have discovered 40% of the hieroglyphs from the Mayan civilization.
             In both civilizations, each believed in gods. The Incas believed that the sun was their ultimate god. Both Mayans and the Incas were fascinated by the effects of Mother Nature, by the moon, sun, mountains, rain, and thunder. .
             In both civilizations, they had their own beliefs some similar and some different. The Mayans thought that by pleasing the gods they would sacrifice people, and animals as gifts. The Incas mummified their dead and brought them back when special occasions came into being. .
             So as you read more and more about each civilization you learn that they each are very similar and very different.

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