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             "The environment of a region determines the lifestyle of the aborigines that live there".this statement connects to the Indians of the plains. They used almost everything that they could find and make it into something useful for them to use. They ate animal meats for food. Natural resoursces were also used to produce clothing, shelter and utensils. Third, their style of transportation is mostly by foot (walking). Another type of transportation was introduced later on, which lead to a lot of new things they could do better and faster. The plains stretch up to Alberta and go down through America all the way down to Texas. Their climate is very simple, their summers are very drought, and in the winter it gets colder, but not by much so that it starts to snow. Sometimes they had bad weather, like hail storms or strong winds, but not all the time. In addition, their land near the rocky mountains had short grass or barley any, and down south they had high grasslands.
             Traveling was very important for the people of the plains, because they had to follow their food source where ever it went. So everyone had to walk and they would set up camps where they needed to. But carrying all of their belongings was very hard so they invented something called the travois. A travois shaped kind of like a sled that was tied around the neck of a dog. It was built from two wooden poles tied together with raw hide and halfway down was a net to carry their supplies. Water travel was not common, but if they did have to cross water they would use bullboat. This was made from hide and was shaped like a bowl. Later on when the hosre arrived, traveling was way faster and much easier. Also, the horse showed wealth, and if a man died hi horse was also killed.
             Overall, the arrival of the horse dramatically increased the ease of their lifestyle.
             Food was also an important aspect of life for them, because without it they could not survive.

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