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Cyran De Bergerac

             Cyrano de Bergerac was written by Edmond Rostand and translated by Brian Hooker. It tells the story of a man named Cyrano with a long nose. Cyrano is in love with a woman named Roxane. However, Roxane loves Christian and asks Cyrano to teach Christian how to write about love. Cyrano helps Christian win Roxane.
             The story takes place in Paris, France. It is during the time of the French war against Spain. It starts at the Hotel de Bougogue. Then, in Act 2, it is at Rageaneau's Bakery. Act 3 is at Roxane's balcony and Act 4 takes place at the scene of a battle. Act 5 is 15 years later at a convent.
             The story begins at the Hotel de Bougogue. Cyrano goes to and climbs on a stage inside the Hotel. Cyrano insults 48 people including the Marquis. He duels a man named Valvert and kills him. Cyrano also hears news that a friend would be killed that night. Next, Cyrano goes to his friend's house and saves him by fighting off over a dozen men. Cyrano then hears news that Roxane wants to meet him at Rageaneau's Bakery.
             The next day Cyrano goes to Rageaneau's Bakery and meets Roxane. She tells Cyrano that she loves Christian. He promises that he will help teach Christian. Cyrano also is known as a hero because he saved his friend and fought off over a dozen men. Cyrano meets Christian and tells him that he will help him win Roxane. .
             The next night, Cyrano and Christian meet at Roxane's balcony. However, Christian refuses to take a letter Cyrano wrote for him to give to Roxane. Christian tries to explain to Roxane that he loves her but she gets mad at him. Cyrano then helps Christian win a kiss at her balcony by telling him what to say to Roxane. DeGuiche is a general who hates Christian and Cyrano. He sends them both to war the next day. .
             During the war the French are starving to death. Christian does not feel well. Every day Cyrano writes and sends a letter to Roxane from Christian. Roxane sneaks into the tent and brings food to Christian and Cyrano.

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