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What is the significance of Captain Walton, and how does his

            In the novel, "Frankenstein", we learn of one man's attempt to play God by creating a creature. This Gothic tale of horror is written in the form of an epistolary, which is a series of letters. These letters are written by a minor character by the name of Captain Walton. It is through his letters to his sister Margaret Saville, that the story is unravelled. .
             At the beginning of both Volume 1 and the novel, we are introduced to a series of short letters written by Captain Walton. These letters provides us with information about Walton and help us to understand the undertakings of the major character - Victor Frankenstein. We learn that Walton is on a journey to discover the North Pole, and is quite "ardent" in doing so. Walton hopes, that in embarking on such an expedition, he will help all mankind:-.
             "You cannot contest the inestimable benefit that I shall confer on all mankind" .
             Walton believes, that, by discovering the North Pole, he will be able to provide shorter journey routes for people all over the world. In wanting to "confer" this "inestimable benefit", he hopes to be recognised and become famous. He is quite vainglorious. However, his vaingloriousness and desire to benefit mankind, mirrors that of Victor's aims. We understand that Walton's actions foreshadow those of Victor, yet to be discovered in the novel. It is in this that Walton plays a significant role.
             Further on, after several letters have been written discussing his health and progress in his journey, Walton remarks:-.
             "I desire the company of a man.".
             We realise that Walton is feeling isolated and is in a state of solitude. Although he is surrounded by seamen and shipworkers, he is Romantic in his description of wanting a companion and comments that those who surround him are the "dross" of human nature. He believes that he is superior to them and wishes for the company of an individual who is equal in his level of intellect.

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