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Art Nouveau

            In this introduction I will be talking about art nouveau and what art nouveau is and what it stands for and how it influenced art, architecture and fashion. Also I will be talking about how posters in the art nouveau period were designed and produced in mass with not many colours. Finally I will discuss the many famous art nouveau designers of the time, I will discuss them their work and what kind of effect they had on the public.
             Art Nouveau, literally new art, It found expression in a wide range of art forms "architecture, interior design, furniture, posters, glass, pottery, textiles, and book illustration "and was characterized by its devotion to curving and undulating lines, often referred to as whiplash lines. The term Art Nouveau is derived from Maison de l'Art Nouveau, a Paris shop opened in 1896 by the dealer Siegfried Bing.Art Nouveau was an art movement, which lasted from the 1880's to the beginning of 1914; this movement changed many people's lives and lead the way to a new centaury of art and a new art form. Art nouveau influenced the design of everything in that period, architecture, interiors, furniture, ceramics, glass, jewellery, graphic posters, coffee pots, lamps, cutlery, cake tins and bikes. At Nouveau represented life and how it can be flowing and back to nature.
             This form of art took mankind back to nature, as its main theme was the human womanly form and the buds of many plants. Art took the form of women's long exotic flowing hair, which often flowed into fames or water. The feminine art' or art nouveau is and was basically made up of a sensualist flowing line that often turns and twists into it. This one art movement expressed what the female body was about using her curves and lines to bring painting back to nature giving a very popular design. Art Nouveau took up and elaborated the Arts and Crafts manifesto, calling for the creation of a completely new style and a devotion to handicrafts.

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