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Ohio Lottery

             The Lottery is promoted in our state Ohio in various ways. Billboards placed along highways and roads state the latest winning jackpot. Radios have commercials advertising drawings and winners. On the television, commercials advertise the game show Cash Explosion, Mega Millions, Pick 3, etc. Signs are placed in stores where you can purchase lottery merchandise.
             Commercials and advertisements send messages to the citizens of Ohio. The slogan "Play to Win" encourages people that playing increases your chances of winning money amounts. It also explains how the money goes towards education throughout the state. The lottery advertises the highest money amount possible that a player may win. Games are advertised as fun, a form of gambling that doesn't require a distance to travel to play at a casino. The basic message is- You can't win if you don't play. .
             The purpose of the lottery in Ohio is to fund education and schools in our state. Money is donated regularly to programs such as School Net and Best of the Class. In the fiscal year 2002, the appropriations to the fund were $633.7 million. The education funds consist of elementary, vocational, secondary, and special education. The Austintown School District received about $1,602,658.86 last year. It is stated in the Mission Statement to honor and maintain the annual commitment to the Lottery Profits for Education Fund. .
             We both agree in the lottery industry. Both of us are of the legal age for gambling. We believe that participating in the purchase and support of the lottery is a benefit towards our state, and hopefully our own bank accounts. Even though there is a chance of losing money, our dollars are going towards the education in the state we live in. It's a win-win situation, as long as gambling does not become an obsessive part of our lives. It would be wrong to choose lottery over food, bills, and other necessities of life.

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