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Cell Phones While Driving

             Resolved: That the state of Michigan should pass a law banning the use of cell phones while driving.
             What is the problem? The problem is that our roads are not safe to drive on due to people carelessly using their cell phones while they are driving. They are more concerned about conversations that can wait than they are about concerned about driving. .
             B. What is causing the problem? People using cell phones and not paying attention to the road are the people causing the problem. .
             C. Why isn't the current system working? The current system isn't working because people are using cell phones aren't concerned with the road, they"re concerned about their cell phones. In 1995, a poll was taken that showed 25% of drivers think cell phones are more distracting than the radio. 45% of drivers think it is just as distracting. Another survey shows that only 15% of all motorists don't have a cell phone in their car at all times. If these drivers are being distracted, how can we assure our roads are safe?.
             II. Harm/Contention Two.
             A. How are we being harmed? If a neighboring driver is talking on a cell phone, your life is at risk. It only takes a second to lose control and everyone around that driver can be seriously hurt. Drivers on cell phones many times are unaware of their surroundings on the road. About 44% of motorists have a cell phone or car phone in their vehicles at all times. That's a lot of people talking and not paying attention to the road, and a lot of lives at risk due to them. .
             B. Impact of the problem. Out of 28 car accidents related to phone use, 13 of the drivers had failed to stop and 15 had lane tracked. 20 of these drivers hit another vehicle. These accidents could have resulted in serious injury or even death. All because someone couldn't wait to have a phone conversation and didn't pay attention to the road.
             III. Plan.
             A. Administration. The Michigan state government will administer this plan and make it a law.

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