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             Controversy is a part of life. To censor information is only an opinion. It should not be based on what people think is wrong, but on what the majority knows is wrong. Life can't be censored. There are evil and horrible things that are happening around the world, so we shouldn't hide what is really going on. .
             Censorship is to prevent disturbing or painful thoughts. All it really does is go against our rights of speech. In the first amendment of the Bill of Rights it states "Congress shall make no lay abridging the freedom of speech." If this is true, then what is the deal with book banning? Isn't that a part of free speech? I do not think that they know what is wrong for everyone. There are some things that people think aren't wrong, by they are censored anyways. Harry Potter is a great example; most families love that little wizard kid and still is banned in some schools. This is supposed to be a democratic government, and it does things that prevent learning without the consent of the people.
             There are a lot more dangerous and terrible things, other than books that talk about wizards or witches. We should be more focused on real hazards like war or death. People are dying and all the government is worrying about is bad books. Censoring things hides the world of things that we should know about, like what really happens in other places in the world. The government shouldn't censor things when we are exposed to controversy everyday.
             Thousands of books have been banned due to censorship. People with imagination are probably missing out on really great books. Schools are banning books that aren't even gory or pertaining to death. Harry potter is being banned in several schools, and is nowhere near the death topic. Books are made for entertainment and knowledge, not to change and mutate lives.
             It is not good for a democratic government to hide what is going on in the world.

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