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The Bluest Eye Summary

            In the Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison uses abuse and hardship to show the tragic consequences that come from racism. In the videos we had seen in class showed how the .
             blacks were treated horribly. The white people were superior. The Bluest Eye shows .
             ways in which white beauty standards hurt the lives of black girls and women. From the movies we saw the .
             South had millions of slaves. Slaves would usually work nonstop from sunrise to sunset. They didn't get .
             much to eat and wore the same clothes. If a slave didn't do exactly what they were to do, they would be .
             beaten, whipped, and sometimes killed. Toni Morrison describes the conditions under which .
             African-Americans in general and Pecola in particular are forced to live.
             The characters in the Bluest Eye are faced both directly and .
             indirectly by racism. The characters are issued to internal values that create their own .
             set of discrimination within families and the neighborhood. Three characters from The .
             Bluest Eye that I will be describing are Pecola , Claudia and Pauline. .
             Pecola Breedlove is an eleven year old black girl. She is a figure of the hate that the .
             black community has for itself and how they believe they are ugly. Pecola is hated and picked on because she .
             is black, she gets made fun of really bad because her skin is a lot darker than most black people. Pecola is just .
             a child, she is delicate and weak as we see in the beginning of the book. Throughout the book she deals with .
             many hardships and suffers much abuse from the people around her. Others take out their anger on little .
             Pecola. Pecola feels unloved and the only way she feels she could be loved is by being beautiful. Pecola thinks .
             that if she has blue eyes, she would be beautiful and then everyone would love her. She wishes she could be .
             like Shirley Temple who she feels everyone loves. Seeing the world through blue eyes would be different, .
             Pecola believed, and then she would be seen differently.

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