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Hobbes and locke influences

             There have been many concepts about the way that humans should live. Two of the more interesting theories are John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. People have been discussing for years about whose idea work better. Hobbes thought that humans were a very brutish and nasty kind of people and if left deserted, they would lead themselves to anarchy, chaos, violence, and destruction. Locke, figured that people had the right to be free from control and restrictions, and had a right to liberty and property. Locke also thought that government should be involved in people's life; however, he also thought that the government should not have complete control. Locke, overall, had by far the best ideas on human nature.
             Hobbes and Locke have two different ideas on human nature; however, Hobbes had the better understanding on human nature. Hobbes said that passion leads to war, as in the movie Lord of the Flies. The hunters had a passion to eat and live, while Ralph had a passion to get rescued. Their differences eventually resulted in war; thus proving that humans left alone will definitely lead to anarchy, chaos, violence and destruction. Hobbes also thought that humans left dissipated were a very brutish kind of people which ended up being proven right by the film. The hunters and the majority of the kids went hunting, trying to find food to live. As in Hobbes theory, all humans did what ever they could, to survive. Hobbes also had an opinion that all humans were naturally evil as evidenced in the movie. Once the boys were left alone, they naturally turned evil and against each other. Jack and the hunters turned evil trying to make their tribe the only one on the island by any means neccesary. In a state of nature, Hobbes also protested that humans have the right to do whatever ever they want, and in the movie they most definitely did what felt right, proving yet again that Hobbes was correct.

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