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Anne Frank; An Author Herself

            Have you ever kept a diary or a journal? Did you know that by doing so it makes you an Author? Anne Frank was one to keep a diary during World War two. She died without knowing anyone would ever find her personal information. .
             Anne Frank was born June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt am Germany. Her married parents Otto and Edith Frank raised there daughters, Anne and Margot, to be respectful Jewish women. In 1933 Anne and her family moved to Medwedplein in southern Amsterdam in response to Hitlers settlement as leader of Germany. Anne attended private school as an average girl would. She excelled in her studies as well as creating friends. Seven years later, however, Nazis invaded the Netherlands and in five days Holland capitulated to the invading German forces. Annes father prepared an area adjacent to his business for a hiding place to protect his family from Nazi troops. She began to write her thirteenth birthday when she reicived a diary from her parents as a birthday gift. Anne named this diary kitty. She thought by posting entries she could gain self assurance, almost as if someone else was listening that always understood her. She figured this because not her parents, and not even her friends would understand the way she wanted to be felt. Anne wrote in her diary atleast one time a week, giving a thourough explanation of how she was feeling. In her diary she sometimes wrote about boys, her family life, and information regaurding world war two.
             A few short weeks later, after anne had reicived her diary, the Franks obtained a letter from their mailbox giving notice that the older sister, Margot, should report to a Nazi SS camp for work details. This triggered the Otto Frank to use the hiding place he'd previously prepared for - the attic or "secret annex" of his office. Anne and her family quickly placed over 10 outfits under there clothes, packed a light suit case and were off to hiding for an undistinguished time.

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