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Sei Whales

             For about forty years now, the sei whale population has diminished. Back in the 1960s, they were heavily exploited by the whaling industry (Katona). Since then, the whales have been highly threatened by noise as well as chemical pollution. Killer whales also prey upon these whales. Their approximate population today is under 70,000 (Aiken). Currently, in the U.S. Atlantic waters, there may be as few as 2,200-2,300 individuals, and only 57,000 all together (Shefferly). Although sei whales are relatively free of ectoparasites, many suffer from endoparasitic helminthes, flatworms, which may cause kidney and liver problems. Luckily, hunting is really no long a problem because of protection received through the International Whaling Commission and the Endangered Species Act. However, these whales" lives are still in danger. .
             A main problem that threatens the Sei whales lives is pollution (Coleman). There are many different aspects that contribute to ocean pollution. Now that the International Whaling Commission has protected these whales, pollution is almost the only problem. When the ocean waters are polluted, the food and water that the whales ingest are infected and, in turn, infect them. Slowly, the pollution from these waters is killing off this wonderful species. There are four major contributors to the pollution of the ocean: Oil, toxic wastes, raw sewage and human debris. Unfortunately, these contributors are not under control; however, they can be. .
             One of the big contributors to ocean pollution is oil. More than 60 million gallons of oil enter the ocean every year. However, it is not reported. This is because this oil seeps from oil-bearing rock layers into the ocean as part of a natural process (Cornish). Sadly, this natural process cannot be helped. Although the natural process cannot be controlled, the unnatural release of oils into the ocean can be. As a result of oil tankers, 37 million gallons of oil are accidentally deposited into the ocean.

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