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Globalization "Tapping Into the Veins of the World

             What do they have in common? When you tie power in the middle of this analogy and place President Bush's name on the vacant pedestal of this question, the answer should come flying at you. Many corporations that are, or shall we say were, truly patriotic, genuinely domestic, and authentically American, are outsourcing to various Asian countries. Such companies include Shell, Dell Computers, Texaco, and many more that are globalizing their IT departments and their operator lines. It may not seem like much, but think about it another way. When all the people who work in the computer departments are laid off in the near future, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be taken from American hands and transferred to other countries. Assuming that each of these people that will be laid off have a family to support (with the average American family household of five), outsourcing is going to leave more than one million Americans to fend for themselves. How can this happen? Why is it happening now and not 20 years ago? First and foremost, this is happening because of the progress that the world has seen in the last twenty years. The reason why is left to the Republican Regime that has only a few months left to reelection. The Republican Party believes that outsourcing is good because it'll "replenish foreign economy- "a euphemism meaning that Big Business is going to drain money from your everyday hard-working American and place into the hands of a foreign nation. When you look at outsourcing this way, taking jobs from Americans so citizens of another country may have them seems a little, well, ridiculous, right? So why do it; after all, it won't help Americans. Our society has become economically depressed. So why, of all things, get rid of jobs? To answer bluntly for the Republican Party: so that the wealthy may become wealthier. Most of the IT departments have moved to India. Corporations figured they'd make more money if they could use that slave labor that they had going for them at America's very beginning; India's Rupee is worth nearly 1/50 of a dollar "two cents for every dollar.

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