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Unethical daisy

             Throughout The Great Gatsby many characters are introduced. Some of them are nice and some of them are mean, but by far the most unethical character in the book is Daisy Buchanan. Daisy does what's best for her and doesn't care about what happens to anybody else.
             Daisy starts to see a man named Jay Gatsby behind her husband's back. Daisy and Gatsby encounter each other through an arranged meeting by Daisy's cousin Nick. Daisy and Gatsby knew each other previously, but were torn apart by unfortunate circumstances. They decide to resume their old relationship and begin having an affair. Gatsby desperately wants Daisy to leave her husband Tom, but she won't. She just tells Gatsby that she loves him and gives him empty promises. Daisy makes Gatsby believe that he's the only one she loves, but it's simply not true. Daisy loves her husband, no matter how much fun she has denying it.
             On a hot summer day, Daisy, Gatsby, Nick, Tom, and a woman named Jordan; all go to a hotel in the city. Tom has somewhat caught onto Daisy and Gatsby's affair. Tom is very upset by this so he starts a heated argument with Gatsby in order to try and make him ashamed of himself in front of everyone. Gatsby and Tom argue passionately until Daisy can't take it anymore. She runs out of the room with Gatsby at her heels. Gatsby and Daisy drive home together. While they"re on their way home, a woman named Myrtle Wilson runs into the middle of the street. They hit and kill her. Instead of getting out of the car like decent people, they just keep on driving. Daisy was behind the wheel of the car. Because Gatsby is in love with Daisy, he decides to let people think he was driving the car. Instead of thanking Gatsby for taking the blame, Daisy leaves town with her husband without giving Gatsby so much as a phone call. Before Tom and Daisy leave town, Tom tells Wilson, Myrtles husband, that Gatsby was the one driving the Car that killed Wilson's wife.

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