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Dirty 30

            I interviewed Eve Mutschelknaus, an eighty seven year old Glen Ullin, ND native. Eve was the sixth of eleven children in her family. Her family consisted of five sisters, six brothers, and two parents. .
             While Eve was growing up her and her siblings played games such as hide n" seek, baseball, and they even had spelling bees. She laughed about having spell offs that often ended in fights, for they got so competitive. "But, non-the-less it was very educational, and helped us do good in school," remarked Eve. And a very good student is what she was during her years attending Mortin County School which was in Glen Ullin, ND. School was very important to Eve. The way the world was unwinding motivated Eve to work hard in school to become very successful in life.
             Eve's family's ate very balanced meals. Eve's dad raised his own cattle, therefore they had homemade cream, cheese, milk, and meat. Along with this they ate their own fresh-grown vegetables from their garden. The family ate three meals a day. Breakfast usually consisted of a cereal mainly oatmeal. The main meal of the day was at noon, this is when they ate meat, potatoes, bread, and other vegetables. Supper was ate right as it got dark and was usually leftovers from lunch. On the weekends most of the time the family got severed a desert such as pie or cake. They occasionally ate ethnic foods like "cheese buttons" or "soup noodles" too.
             The drought brought dust storms. There was no rain for very long periods of time. The grasshoppers ate a great portion of the grass and wheat crops. So naturally everything began to go down hill from then on. During this time Eve's family sold the cream that they got from their cows. They sold a jar of cream per week. Another source of income was eggs they collected from their chickens which they sold. Eve's family lived on their own as long as they could. She thought it was probably the last year before things got better that her dad gave in and took in food stamps.

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