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Adolescent Sleep Patterns

             The Board of Education in the local area is debating on the matter of starting classes earlier for high school students. I feel that being in school is a place where students should feel comfortable so they will be more likely to pay attention and want to be in school. High School is the most important years of the lives of teenagers, it usually leads to what they are going to end up doing in life, and to be able to accomplish and participate they need to be comfortable and not restless, so that the students can meet their requirements. If students are tired and falling asleep in classes, the classes are useless and not benefiting the students. .
             Statistics show that school starting so early in morning not only lessens chances of students doing well, but also can be bad for the health of teenagers. Mary A. Carskadon, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown's School of Medicine, had done a study showing that sleep patterns change during adolescence, which is almost all teenagers, and majority rules. This shows that it is wrong of the Board of Education, in all fairness, to start school at such an early.
             Not only do statistics show this, but parents have been interviewed and have stated that the majority of adolescence prefer to stay up later at night and wake up later in the morning. This is not even a matter of what teenagers "like" to do, it is Mother Nature and this process is call "delayed phase preference". Starting school and hour earlier will make end up making matters worse. The students will most likely be sleeping in the first class. Other studies showed that when students were asked to fall asleep in class, most were able to fall into a sleep in less than five minutes. One student even fell into REM sleep! The last stage of sleeping in almost a minute!.
             It is unfair that students should have to sit through classes and be uncomfortable at the same time, also doing something that isn't good for them.

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