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Ballad of the Sad Cafe

            "Some texts take us to different times and places. However these texts often touch on issues that are significant for all humanity."".
             Examine this statement by referring to one or two texts which are set in another time or place.
             While The Ballad of the Sad Café' may have not been written in Australia during the year 2002. And while we have no idea of the exact location even country or time where this tale of unrequited love took place, it is clear to see that the very same issues we face before us in this new millenium, were also apparent in the time of Miss Amelia and her amazing café. Love being the main, along with betrayal and a sense of belonging are three such issues that when combined create the story which is indeed a ballad of a sad café. .
             When it comes to The ballad of the Sad café' love is definitely the main issue. It is what the entire story is based around. If it wasn't for love the café would have never come into existence and if it wasn't for love the café would have never ended in the awful way it did either. For it was the love that Miss Amelia had for Cousin Lymon that brought the café alive. She would have done anything for him it seemed, and if he wanted to be the centre of attention in a café full to the brim with lively townsfolk then so be it. The love Miss Amelia held for cousin Lymon was a special love, it was a love that had never been thought possible in the normally cold heart that belonged to Miss Amelia, and therefore because of the fact that it existed brought great amazement to the town. It wasn't the sort of love that you would normally associate with two sweethearts, because for all we know the two of them could have been over twenty years of age apart, but it was the sort of love that involved understanding and tolerance. The type that you might find between a mother and her child.

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