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             • Hoover became director of the Bureau of Investigation at a crucial time in its history, a time when its competence and integrity were seriously questioned.
             • Many conservative Americans still believed that the federal government had no business getting involved in police.
             • At the outset, Hoover was determined to alter the Bureau's image, an undertaking for which, paradoxically, he proved in his confident rectitude ideally suited.
             • The Bureau investigated; bankruptcy, prostitution, interstate auto theft, agents carrying no weapons, poor image, poor pay and poor training.
             • It was suggested that the BI change it name to FBI which to Hoover suggested Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity.
             • Revolutionised the FBI:.
             -made it a world class organisation.
             -advertised to the American people a new order in crime fighting and crime prevention.
             • Hoover turned the FBI into the most powerful crime fighting organization in the USA.
             • He sacked inefficient and corrupt agents and instituted strict codes of dress education and conduct .
             • He established a modern, efficient state of the art-crime lab which became the envy of the world.
             • He was able to use the media, especially Hollywood( G-Men movies starring Junes Cagney to gain public support).
             • He gave more power to the FBI.
             • He had a long career of unbroken service from 1917 to 1972. He died on the job at the age of 77.
             • Prohibition in the 20's had produced an explosion of crime perpetrated by bootlegging gagsters who controlled territories by force and politicians through bribery.
             • This encouraged the public's obsession with sensation crime ( a direct result of the wish to create action and excitement in the difficult an mundane days of the depression), both the media and Hollywood raised these gangsters to celebrity statues.

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