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Why we Should Look Back In Anger

             The year is 1944; Hitler's concentration camps are in full swing. 2500 murders are being carried out per day in just one of the 12 death camps all over Germany. By the end of the war 1/3 of the entire Jewish population has been wiped out. Are we to look back on this and dismiss it as irrelevant, are we to look back justify it!!!!.
             There is no option but to look back in ANGER! .
             when aggressive action like this is taken against an entire nation of people the only response IS aggression. The Jewish people are a fine example of this. The Jews that survived ww2 were given the state or Israel to call there home. Unfortunately the surrounding Arab states had other ideas and tried to fight the Jews 4 there new homeland, for the first time in their history the Jews decided that the only response could be anger. They looked back at there pacifist history and decided it was time to stand up and fight. They armed themselves with tanks planes, guns and NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!.
             The Jews then set about repelling the Arab attacks, again, again, and AGAIN. Even today the Arabs still fight the Israeli 4 there country but this time the Arabs Have been so weakened by the Jews AGREESIVE response that they resorted to the most cowardly form of attacking there is terrorism. .
             But looking back in anger isn't just a good thing for nations; it can be a good thing in everyday life. To look back with a soft hard about things will cause weakness. If u look back at someone walking all ova u saying how bad your face or hair is, with a sense of ignorance, what's.
             To stop that person doing it again. However if u look back in anger, it will motivate you to do something about it. To not get walked ova again. Its will motivate u to say stuff you, my hair is mad!!!) which is a far winner ova (stick and stones will break my bone but names will never hurt me) anger can also be used as fuel, or maybe the only way a person can deal with things Some people who have to deal with extreme circumstances.

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