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8th Graduation

            You may be sitting in your seats at this very moment asking yourself is this really happening, are we really the graudating class of 2004?!? the answer is Yes . June 17,2004 is the day that we will represent our class motto to the fullest "Step from the shadow and cast your own" all together as the "Titans" to celebrate a time of joy and extream relief. Many of us began this journey through Middle School together some joined through time, together we managed to work things out and be as postive as one can be. Henry ford once said "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success".
             These 3 years of attending Ernest Lawrence Middle School have been like a roller coster. As we all remember the first day we came in as 6th graders, many of us, i know could not help but to be intimidated thinking of how we would be called scubs, others looking down at us because we were new, and not being able to fit in. Knowing that we were the youngest we were very self conciouse, but soon enough everything thing fell into place. More of us started to speak out join different clubs, activitys and became known. This assisted us with a little boost to feel more comfurtable in our own skin .
             In Seventh grade as we moved on things started crakin. We began to feel a little more bigger and gained a little more maturity ,but with that we didnt always exactly try harder. Althought we did expirience new things which would lead us to go on with our years we laked consentration on our education and focused more towards our social life, at school which included: those freinds that will not be forgotten those infactuations that we thought were love, and those opinions that melted our hearts. Not knowing wether it truly was what we thought .
             It took long enough to finally realize we seriously were entering eight grade it wasnt a dream anymore, reality couldnt have hit us any harder as it did.

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