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Creativity in Set Design

             Creativity is an important asset for set designers. All set designers need to have artisticabilities. They have many aspects of their job that requires creativity. When on the job, they have to consider the needs and wants of the client and their customers. Designers work with others to create a set. To become a set designer, a person must have certain skills and qualities. .
             Set designers "create the look of the film"(Buzzell 79). To create the correct look, the set designer will "study scripts, confer with the directors and other designers and conduct research to determine the appropriate historical period, fashion and architectural styles"(Careers in Design). .
             In some cases, the designer has to use more of their imagination. When creating a set for a .
             science fiction or fantasy films, the designer may only have a few descriptions from the script.Documentaries, in most cases, are the only type of film that doesn't have set designers.
             To make a documentary, a filmmaker has a real person or event filmed while going .
             through something important. Since a documentary is real life, it does not require sets to be designed and produced, the sets are already there. For instance, while Liz Garbus was filming her documentary, The Farm: Angola, USA, she followed two girls at the Waxter Juvenile Facility in Maryland "for three years, as they tried to overcome their pasts and lead productive lives"(Guerrasio 33). The set was the Waxter Juvenile Facility. If it was a movie though, the set designer would need to go through a process to develop the set, including working with other members of the film crew. .
             In stage production, set designers work with "the director of the company costume .
             designer and sound designer who are all known as the creative team"(Copley and Killner 17). .
             Sometimes the stage management will "research the period in which the play is set"(Copley and Killner 26). In film productions set design is an artistic department that includes "the director, cinematographer, and design group [all] under the control of the production designer"(Buzzell 79).

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