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Accepting Dying and Death.

             Our bodies could well be described as our own worst enemies, capable of circumventing the greatest aspirations through earthly physical brittleness; cutting short great lives prematurely. Some causes of death are particularly frequent and constant efforts are being maintained to fight their destructive effects. The purpose of this chapter is to help people and you students to realize that the reality of death can make act into trying to enjoy life; making the most of it, be productive, and contribute to life.
             Each day of our life should become very meaningful after we have accepted the fact that we are not here forever. Furthermore, we have to live life to its fullest, as if it were our last.
             Death gives us our absolute reason for living. It provides us with the structure of how we appreciate and how we guide our lives. It should help us prioritize our activities and the goals that we intend to accomplish before our eternal voyage. .
             Death was relatively easy and simple to diagnose before the many scientific advances that we have had during the past 30 years. Someone with the lack of a heartbeat and when breathing ceased, it was considered dead. Nowadays technological advances in the field of medicine have enabled us to resuscitate people who give all the indications of being dead. Medical devices such as feeding tubes and respirator can make possible the prolongation of life in critically ill people and people who are in comas. .
             Due to the lack of a very specific definition of death, professional associations and ad hoc interdisciplinary committees have come up with criteria as to how to establish death. Some of these criteria have been adopted by state legislatures though there is no specific definition of death that all states adopt. .
             The clinical determination of death will refer to the measures of bodily functions that are measured by a physician. The physician then signs a medical death certificate, and this certificate is based on the following clinical criteria:.

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