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The Pigman - Life is about the good and the bad

            The novel "The Pigman" by Paul Zindel has a great involvement in the topic of the good and the bad parts of life. The good parts of life could possibly mean constructive activities the result to the better and parts of life that could mean actions that have consequences. In this novel the good and the bad was shown by all characters of the novel, particularly by our two main characters John and Lorraine and on a short occasion Mr Pignati.
             Our main character John expresses the good parts of life particularly to another main character Lorraine. Lorraine idolises and seems to have a crush on him and John knows it. "I noticed him the very first day mainly because of his eyes." (Pg11). Even though sometimes he used that as an advantage he was also aware of how it could affect her feelings. One morning on the school bus Lorraine was sitting alone in a seat and John decided to sit next to her. They began talking and through this conversation they gained a friendship.
             John and Lorraine showed the same type of good to Mr Pignati. Their first impression of him wasn't quite positive however once the two had sat down and spoke to him they realised how nice he was. Just by listening to him they gave him a feel of company and friendship and he treated them like adults whilst still teaching them what its like growing up. "He looked so happy to see us I thought his eyes were going to twinkle out of his head." (Pg32). In fact John, Lorraine and Mr Pignati showed a great amount of good in this case, which should be what life is about.
             Although John shows the good he also shows the bad on quite a few occasions in this novel. One major example of this is noted in the very beginning of the book when John quotes "I hated it so much the first year they called me the Bathroom Bomber." (Pg1). This event was bad because of John's horrible attitude and actions towards school. He was given the name "Bathroom Bomber" because he would cut class in order to plant bombs in the bathrooms.

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