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Comparison of naturalism and realism

            Comparison of Waiting for Godot and Cherry Orchard (realistic and a naturalistic play).
             Naturalism is designed to have a theatre mirror life, a play in which is an example of naturalism is The Cherry Orchid written by Anton Chekhov. Anton Chekhov wrote this play when he was suffering from terrible health problems eventually dying from pulmonary tuberculosis on 2nd of July 1904. The play was written over 3 year and eventually was finished in 1904. Historical background influences of this play was when the rail road system was introduced in 1830 and when in 1861 Russia's cast population of serfs was liberated for good, bring long awaited social change. The two dimensions social change and the growing importance of the international community pervade the play and even drove the plot.
             Theatre of the absurd is seeing life as being essentially purposeless and absurd; man's existence is seen to be out of harmony with its surroundings. A play in which contains this style of twentieth century theatre is Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Samuel Beckett suffered from depression for most of his life which can be seen in Waiting for Godot where it is a struggle to get through life for Vladimir and Estragon. This play was written sometime after the 2nd world war, which cause him mental conflict, distress, loneliness and anxiety which also found its way into his writing. Absurdism and Naturalism both have similarities and differences in such things as themes and issues that are presented, roles and relationship, mood and tension and language that are used. Waiting for Godot and The Cherry Orchard are going to be compared with one another to establish there differences and similarities in the elements that have just been stated.

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