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The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

             I feel many mixed emotions when I think of J. Initially he brings feelings of pity because many people find themselves in this same position. They put the person of their affection so high on a pedestal that they would appear to be unattainable. There is very little realism in their train of thought. Also he seems to have a poor self-image of himself and does not feel worthy of any attention. So it is understandable for him to be cautious and afraid. But then as he comments about getting old you start to think about what does he really have to lose. He will forever love this woman from afar and his lack of boldness will only make him miserable. I make the assumption that he feels that as long as she doesn't reject him there will be forever the possibility. So that by never actually asking her he forever preserves this thought. But if she should find someone this will wreak havoc in his life and then he will spend all his time thinking about what he should have done. Also there is the chance that she feels something for him also and is waiting for him to make the first move. If the time should come to pass that he finds this out he will be even unhappier. So I think that probably my strongest assessment would be that he irritates me. Why choose to go through your whole life wishing on a star and afraid to actually try to make something come to pass. This plus the fact that he can move on in life and find someone else. .

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