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Soldiers and ROTC Essentials

            My parents were the last group to immigrate to America in our family. We come from a modest background and humble beginnings, but regardless of the conditions, I have tried to make the best out of everyday. My acceptance that we were not rich and our family wasn't the typical American model household didn't hinder any goals I planned for myself. In contrast, the experiences and emotions I endured only forced me to rationally understand and formulate a lifestyle fitting for my character and background. During high school, I didn't know what my goals were in life, or what I wanted to learn in college, but the allure of new things and foreign places always fulfilled my void. The United States Army soon answered my calling. By joining the services, I hoped to enrich my understanding of different people and demonstrate my leadership abilities in my goals of becoming an officer in the U.S Army. "Congratulations, be all you can be," said the Army recruiter as I shook his hand after I was sworn into the services. I felt a surge of pride and dignity that day, riding home from MEP station. That was two years ago, when I was still a high school senior. Two months after I graduated, "God damn you privates, get the hell down and beat your face," our Drill Sergeant Torris would rant. The gratification, along with its responsibilities, of knowing I am serving my country still deeply honors me. By sharing the knowledge gained from my experience and through military resources and references, I wish to empathize my emotional roller-coaster as a soldier, and present an intensive case-study profile of the mechanics and loopholes of being an enlisted member, as wells as, being a commissioned officer in the United Stated Army. .
             Background Info. The opportunities in America are too vast and omnipresent to preclude anyone from obtaining their dreams and goals. I am gratified with the choices I have made and the people who have helped me along the way.

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