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The panama canal

            The Panama Canal has been well known since the 16th century. It was suggested to Charles V to make the Panama Canal, a cut piece of land somewhere in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean . This canal was made after finding out the resources of Peru, Ecuador, and Asia. It was suggested because the journeys took much time and were very dangerous, and with the Panama Canal the journeys took less time and were less dangerous. The ships didn't have to go all the way down to Chile and Argentina; they just had to pass through Panama. It was mostly suggested because the gold took too much time reaching the ports of Spain. .
             In 1529 the working plan for the canal was faded just because the wars between Europe and the Thirsts to gain control of kingdoms in the Mediterranean Sea simply put it in hold. Around 1534 several other plans were recommended, but no achievement was taken, then a Spanish official suggested a plan, which the canal route he was planning was very close to the present canal. The Spanish government discarded the plan of the canal because, but then after the publication of the books of the German scientist Alexander von Humboldt, the Spanish government recovered their interest in the canal. In 1819 the Spanish government officially allowed the creation of the canal . The Americans were inspired by the discovery of gold in California in 1848, this discovery encourage them to dig the canal . "Look what they did with the Pay-no-more Canal. When they started to build, they said it would bring New York a thousand miles closer to San Francisco. Why it's ridiculous. We spent four hundred million dollars, the canal is nearly finished, and New York is still in the same place." The Speaker of the House: A Monologue, Part 3, by Aaron Hoffman, 1914 . .
             They were two routes that were convenient, the one across Panama and the other across Nicaragua. Two years after organizing an international company in 1880, the Colombian government allowed digging the canal .

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