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Animalism / Communism

             In the book Animal Farm, there are two disputing pigs that both opt to be leader of the farm after the revolution takes place. Napoleon, the quiet one and the most merciless, and Snowball, the smarter one and the more generous one were competing to be leader of the farm, but due to Napoleon's treachery, Snowball was run off the farm before his plans could take effect to build a windmill to generate the farm's power.
             Joseph Stalin, a Russian dictator, is the counterpart of Napoleon in the story. George Orwell obviously despised Communism and showed it in his descriptions of the society that was set up in the book. He was a cruel man and showed it by making the peasants of Russia suffer throughout his reign as Czar of Russia. .
             Napoleon started in the background making no objections to the rulings that Snowball made. Very subtly, he began to concede on his own with Squealer, another sly, smooth-talking pig that was good at convincing the other animals that whatever Napoleon said was right. Several commandments were set up to establish early laws in the Animalism system. Later, some were changed to accommodate the pigs" desires for alcohol, beds, and the milk that the cows produced. Most of the animals passed it off as "necessary for the pigs otherwise Jones would come back," which was all part of Napoleon's scheme. .
             Old Major, an old boar that foretold the coming revolution, represents Lenin. He was merely a philosopher of the horrors to come. Though he believed the ideals of Communism, he did not share Stalin's viciousness and malicious spirit. While the people of Russia were dying in poverty, most of the officials and leaders of the Russian Communist Government were living the high life off of the deceasing lower class.
             When Napoleon took over command of the farm, things changed drastically. Meetings were no longer to be held for everything would be decided by a small committee of pigs from then on, whether the other animals liked it or not.

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