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Legalizing Marijuana

             There are many issues that involve the legalization of marijuana. There are issues which discuss the social and ethical principles attached to the legalization of such a drug. There are economic issues as they relate to the country as a whole. There are realities which argue for or against the legalization of marijuana. There are issues which revolve around the medicinal use of marijuana and thus its legalization. And, there are likely many more realities, which involve, in one way or another, the legalization of marijuana. Bearing this in mind, I present the following paper, which discusses some of the more recent focuses as they relate to the legalization of marijuana. These focuses involve the political realities, medicinal use, and the outcry against legalization. In providing this information one can obtain a general overview of the conditions in existence today as they relate to the legalization of marijuana.
             Against, and For, Legalization.
             There is, as would be expected, the age-old outcry against drugs being legal, no matter what the drug. This outcry has many arguments, which follow in suit. For example, many argue that if marijuana is legal this will entice people to try harsher and more damaging drugs. This is yet to be a proven reality. Many people who have problems and run from them with substances, will find these substances, legal or otherwise it would seem. .
             Others argue that it is simply a harmful drug in and of itself, and as such, should not be legalized. Now, this argument can vary greatly. Some may argue that we already have alcohol as a legal drug, and that we do not need another. Others may argue that it has always been illegal and should continue to be so. And, still others may argue that with its legalization it becomes more easily and readily available to our youth. In the following we see even yet another argument against legalization. This argument addresses the actual legal process as it possibly provides loopholes, in relationship to medicinal legalization of marijuana:.

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