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             Michelangelo Buonarotti was one of the greatest artist to ever exist. He was born in 1475 in Florence and died in 1564. Not only was he a renowned for his sculpture work he was also known for his exstrodinary painting ability he possessed. Below i will discuss three of his most famous pieces of work and let you into the mind of a great artist who has surly left his legacy behind.
             One of his greatest sculptures was during the renaissance a statue of "David". The detail in this work was truly remarkable, the emphasis on the human form and the attention to detail produced one of the largest and powerful statues during the renaissance period. In 1501 , the city of Florence commissioned Michelangelo to produce a statue to be strategically placed above one of Florence cathedral fortresses. At the age of 26 Michelangelo produced one of his finest works, entitled "David" The city of Florence saw this sculpture as a patriotic symbol and it was placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. Michelangelo was a patriotic man at heart it is said that the size of David represents the victorious struggle in which the city became an independent state. This sculpture was more than just a masterpiece it was also a symbol for the people in Florentine, a symbol of freedom. As many of us know Michelangelo was a religious man who was inspired by god. Michelangelo portrayed David a hero from the old testament as a young man, looking at the stature of him he seems to be a muscular man. The way Michelangelo positions his head suggest that he is alert and looking off into a far distance some suggest that he may well have been looking for Goliath suggesting that he may not have en counted him yet. Examining the facial of expression of David is interesting. The fiery intensity of David's facial expression suggest "power" with "Grace" a characteristic Michelangelo uses in other pieces of work.

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