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             Democracy, in my opinion, is the right to be free to enjoy the simple human rights that our founding fathers wanted the people of America to have. These rights, like voting, should go with worrying about getting in trouble by a government official just because you didn't vote the way they wanted you to vote. Democracy should be blind. Color or sex should not matter in democracy. These simple rights should be enjoyed by everyone no matter what type of individual you are. .
             Civil discourse can be good or bad in America. If people understand some basic guidelines, civil discourse can be a good thing. If people show respect for others, speak as you would like to be spoken to, agree to listen, speak for yourself, not others, civil discourse can be wonderful because people can disagree, but get along doing it. It is when people do not respect these guidelines, and strays away from them when civil discourse turns into a bad thing. Once these guidelines are ignored people begin to lose respect for each other and things like war or fights can happen. .
             In my opinion, education and schooling are similar but not the same. Education is what you make of it. Someone can go to school all of their life and not learn anything, but if that person wants to learn the possibilities are endless. Schooling, to me, is simply placing a student into a school and letting them decide if they want to learn or not. Just because they are placed into a school, it does not mean that they are going to learn anything. An education does not have to be just what someone has learned inside of a school, but it can be what you have learned throughout your entire life.
             In chapter one of the Fred Shultz book, it discusses Horace's Hope: What works for the American High School. "The selection outlines the debate on school reform and the renewed dialogue on how to improve the public schools" (Shultz 3). Sizer argues that public schools should be funded at the state level, not at the local level so that funding can be equal for all students.

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