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All Things Fall Apart: A Comparison Essay

             Traditional customs of the Ibo tribe greatly influenced the ways and practices of its kinsmen. Some of the traditions were carried out within a family's private world. Other traditions were recognized throughout the whole village. The customs were made in celebration of the unique culture of Umuofian people.
             Many of the traditions of the Ibo tribe took place with in the home. It was a tradtion for the man of the house to sleep in his own hut, or obi. The man's obi was seen as almost a sacared place, were the children or wives were rarely allowed. When any man had a visitor they would meet in the obi. Most of the time visits were care free and fun, and food and drink were exchanged. The practical exchange of food and good times further highlighted the fact that these people were not barbaric creatures, just people. Besides traditions of good manners, there were also customs that pertained to certain religious practices. Many kinsmen sacrificed animals to the gods of the land, as well as to their personal god, chi. .
             The clan firmly believed that sprits constantly lurked around them. It was a custom not to whistle at night in fear of calling upon evil sprits. The fear of evil sprits seemed to be a tradition within its self for the people of Umuofia. Twins had to be killed immediately because they were considered evil. If a newborn child died it was considered wicked, and any other children born after it (by the same mother) was considered a wicked reincarnation of the dead baby. To stop the baby from coming back, a sacred stone of the child or iyi-uwa had to be destroyed. Only after the iyi-uwa was destroyed, would the child be cleansed of it's evil predecessor. It was also tradition in Umuofia to consult the Oracle, on everything from the fate of an outsider to the progress of yam growth. They felt as if the Oracle was the closest thing to a god and he could be trusted to give out advice that would only further help the tribe.

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