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Chinese Golden Age

            During the rule of the Chinese, the Chinese experienced a Golden Age. During this Golden Age, Chinese became intellectually, economically, technologically, and socially superior. In many Asian languages, the word for "Chinese" became a synonym for "superior.".
             The Chinese might have viewed themselves as this superior culture because of all the advancements they were experiencing. Also, the Chinese likely felt that they had the only sufficient and durable dynasty during the time period of 589 A.D- 1644. They likely felt that they had the only sufficient and durable dynasties around is because they didn't know of any other dynasties that were having cultural advancements like they were experiencing at the time.
             The Chinese were able to view themselves as advanced and superior because their dynasties flourished during their Golden Age. During the Chinese Golden Age, they had economic, technologic, intellectual and social achievements. Important inventions during the Golden Age were the inventions of gunpowder, inoculation against small pox, and Chinese shipbuilding techniques. Gunpowder was an important invention because it was used for warfare and was still used until the invention of bullets. The invention of the inoculation against small pox was an important discovery because small pox killed millions. Shipbuilding was important because it made trade possible. It also made sailing easier. During the Golden Age, China was unified. This unification occurred during the Han Dynasty. .
             Therefore, "Chinese" was a synonym for "superior" in many Asian languages because of the Golden Age they had experienced. During the Golden Age, Chinese invented many things that were vital during that time period. Also during the Golden Age, China was unified by a united Chinese government, which was established during the Han Dynasty. The Chinese Golden Age was similar to all other empires, which had a Golden Age.

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