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Graphic Art - Relic Entertainment

             For my assignment I have chosen to explore in depth, the company Relic Entertainment and what products this company produces.
             Relic Entertainment is a computer games company, they bring together the elements of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games and Role Playing Games (RPG) to form a unique blend of game that's all their own.
             Relic Entertainment was founded in 1997 by Alex Garden and Luke Moloney in Vancouver, Canada. Relic's first product was a game called Homeworld which got rave reviews at the biggest games industry show on the planet, E3.
             Since then, the Relic continues to develop quality products that go well beyond the standards of associated genres, and into a new area of interactive entertainment where story and strategy drive development of the product. .
             As with all development companies the Relic game designers start with a concept, which may be handed to them or may be one they created themselves, a new trend in games development ideas recently has been to take an existing product which has no presence in the digital world (table-top wargames, pen and paper role playing games) and then convert these already developed worlds into a digital world free for exploration. The team may start informally by discussing the game idea with others or may start writing immediately. Either way, one of the first tasks is to create an initial game design (or proposal, depending on the situation). The initial design needs to be approved (by the development teams employer) and then full-scale production can begin.
             When full-scale production begins, the initial game design gives the production team (programmers, artists and one or more producers) a starting point for development. Artists generate concept sketches and programmers will develop several prototypes to test out various game concepts. During this time, the game design will change and alter drastically, and it is the game designer's job to document all development made by the team.

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