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The Lost Generations Renaissance

            At the dawn of the twentieth century new forms of art were discovered and explored. This new renaissance sprang forth from wanting to break away from the original and affluent which had corrupted American society. One of the greatest of these modern authors is Ernest Hemmingway, he forged a place in history with works such as The Sun Also Rises. written in a time where these modern artists felt detached and hurt by the society which had seemingly abandoned them. Hemmingway was one of these expatriate writers, a new generation in American literature. Ernest Hemmingway's style championed conflicting values of the time period he wrote in, and underscored the "lost generations" life, by his distrust of the abstract, his use of the anti-hero, and his quest for objectivity and honesty. This new style from these lost artists had Hemmingway as a figurehead, one of the literary minds who brought in the style of writing known today as Modernism. .
             Modernism is defined as, the deliberate departure from tradition and the use of innovative forms of expression that distinguish many styles in the arts and literature of the twentieth century. It was influenced by the arts of the past and new world events. Though influenced by the world around them its purpose was to depart from the traditional form of writing and create a new style. It examined the social issues of a "lost generation" those without a cause or combining force. These "lost" were detached from society. They distrusted the sickening behavior of the rich at home, and the world itself was torn apart by war. They broke away to form this style.
             One characteristic of this style was the distrust of the abstract. Ernest Hemmingway avoided the traditional style of abstract terms and flowery language giving an impression that Hemmingway was an anti-intellectual. However, it did hide a deeper meaning. [Cohn:] "I can't stand it to think my life is going so fast and I"m not really living it.

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