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            Horatio is a friend and a fellow-student ("I prithee . He is one of the only characters who's feet are on the ground. He is a model of correct behaviour. Horatio is an important character of the play, because his existence in the play helps to amplify the complexity of Hamlet's character. Hamlet feels quite safe with his friend Horatio and tells him the things who are on his mind without an interfering of his madness. Horatio remains to become Hamlet's one true friend.
             The first long talk between Hamlet and Horatio is in the beginning of the play, when Horatio and the courtiers came to Hamlet to tell him about his father's ghost. Together they are going to watch the ghost at night Horatio is the only one who is really down-to earth, he thinks the sight of the ghost is only an imagination ( Horatio says . our fantasy", 1.2.24 and "Thus, thus . not appear", 1.1.30). Horatio is also one of the few persons who returns to Elsinore only for the funeral ("My lord . the funeral", act 1.2.175) , Laertes returned for Claudius" coronation and then left Elsinore for Paris, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern had not come for the royal events, but had been sent for to investigate Hamlet. Bernardo, Francisco and Marcellus tried to understand the matter for themselves, but Horatio went directly to Hamlet ( "Let us [.] my life, 1.1.169-171)although a courtier should have gone directly to the king. Hamlet decides to take a look for himself, Horatio warns Hamlet not to follow the ghost as it might lead him into madness and suicide (What if [.] roar beneath, 1.4.68-78). After Hamlet's hysterical return from his meeting with the ghost ("These are . my lord" 1.5.133) , Horatio tries to calm Hamlet and Horatio was even able to let Hamlet see that "it is an honest ghost" ("It is . tell you", 1.5.137) and the soldiers swear with Hamlet that they will not tell anybody what they have seen and that they will not tell anybody about the Hamlet's further purposes ("Never to [.

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