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Utopia vs. Dystopia

            Throughout history, mankind has strived for perfection in every aspect of humanity, yet it has never been attained. There is a very thin line between perfection and disaster and result ultimately comes based upon the decisions made by people in authority. Leadership is a quality that can be perceived as positive or negative depending on the image the individual or party projects to the citizens in their constituencies. The governments of many of the nations in the western world are elevated into power by the polling of the general populace of a given nation. Elections generally occur on a regular basis in order to give the public a chance to review the current leadership and then decide whether the majority wishes to see them back in control or believes that new leadership will be an asset to the country. Leadership is important in reality and in fictional worlds as it dictates the situations the rest of society finds itself in. Society is somewhat controlled by the leadership of a country and is often mirrored by the literature of that era. The social issues that George Orwell and Thomas More wrote about in 1984 and Utopia respectively, are indicative of their perspective of the leadership in the world at that given time. 1984 deals with the social ramifications of communism, in the post World War Two world, in a very critical manner. A futuristic novel, written in 1949, 1984 predicts the effect of communism on Oceanic society in the year 1984. Starkly contrasting the dystopia of 1984, is More's Utopia. Written in 1516, the Utopian society in Utopia is still the model for all of modern society in its perfection. The leadership of Utopia and Oceania dictate the quality of life for their citizens by their structures of government, management of the economy and value of individual's lives. .
             Leaders of democracies pride themselves on valuing the lives of their citizens and placing the needs of their country before their own.

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