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Ida B. Wells: A Crusader For America

             Introduction- Ida was an active crusader against lynching and a champion of social and political justice for African Americans. She was not a famous crusader for the cause but she did more than many know.
             I. Background.
             A. Birth date and family members.
             B. Schools and Universities she attended.
             C. Tragedy that shook the Wells home.
             II. Time period in which she lived (1862-1931).
             A. Born right before the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.
             B. Lived in a time of extreme prejudice and racism in the south. .
             III. Types of literature she wrote.
             A. Newspaper articles, expressing her ideas.
             B. Autobiography of her life.
             IV. Why she wrote about racism and lynching.
             A. She wanted a reform of the treatment to African Americans in society.
             B. She wanted to stop all violence against African Americans but especially lynchings.
             1. She uncovered the men responsible for lynching and reported on the incidents.
             2. Her print house was destroyed due to her discovery and she was run out of Memphis.
             V. What we can learn from her life.
             A. She helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
             B. She never gave up for the reform of lynching and violence on African Americans even while working on woman's suffrage.
             C. She was a devoted wife and mother and cared very much for her family.
             Conclusion- Ida B. Wells was devoted for her cause and would not forget in what she believed in. She was active in reform of racism and violence towards African Americans and was a big part of American History, even though many people never even heard of her. .
             (Essay) Ida B Wells-Barnett.
             Ida B. Wells-Barnett was an extremely influential African American woman. She helped the founding of the NAACP and was an active crusader against lynching. Ida spent her life looking for justice for all African Americans and she was not afraid to face a challenge in doing so. Wells may not be a well-known American but she continued her tireless crusade for equal rights until the day she died.

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