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            As obvious as this sounds, being racist can lead you to violence and can only teach .
             Riot(the drama) basically is an issue for the black .
             community, But not just for the black community, it's also an issue for anyone who .
             struggles with their identity and where they come from. To my understanding, this drama .
             is performed to show people of Canada that the black community is not full of criminals; .
             they just have been neglected by people. The Riot's ending has answers for all those.
             people who think that the black community is violent and full of criminals. The ending .
             has so many positive features. In the end, the character Alex got injured in a riot on .
             Yonge Street, but still says that "it is not a riot. It is definitely a melee". Actually he was .
             only trying to send a message to his peers and people who were watching this show that .
             people always make a big deal out of little things. Later on page 83 he says that the .
             crowd was mixed, so it means it was not only a group of black people, there were some .
             other groups of people involved too in that riot. He also says that "it was sort of scary, .
             but it was still kind of Canadian, it's like, there was violence, but it was still kinda polite .
             Violence" (83). These words of Alex prove that the Canada is not a racist country. I think .
             Alex was saying that people try to connect all these riots to the issue of racism and from .
             there it leads to so many problems in our community. To me the ending of Alex's role .
             leaves a very positive sense of thinking about the whole matter of Riot. .
             Kirk's role itself has a very positive ending, not in a sense of what he did, but only if we .
             think that the problem is just not with his race, it is just the way he is. He is a criminal .
             minded guy and it has got nothing to do with his race. It is just the way he was raised, so .
             it tells us that any person from any race or community can be like Kirk if he or she was .
             not given any special attention by his or her parents.

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