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Three Symbols

             What is a symbol? A symbol is sign or representation of something i. In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is full of symbolism throughout. Every chapter and page has symbolism. The three most important symbols in the novel are the scarlet letter, the rose bush and pearl. .
             The most important symbol is the scarlet letter. The scarlet letter is a brilliantly decorated letter A that was sown and is worn by Hester Prynne on her bosom. The scarlet letter symbolizes many things throughout the story. The scarlet letter A is not only a letter in the alphabet but it signifies something else. At first it is the symbol of Hester's crime and shame of adultery. Her punishment was to "wear a mark of shame upon her bosom. Later on the scarlet letter comes to symbolize able. "Many people refused to interpret the scarlet letter A by its original signification they said it meant Able." The scarlet letter could be interpreted differently in many ways. .
             The Rose Bush is also an important symbol. The symbol is first mentioned in the first chapter as a "wild rose-bush, covered with its delicate gems." Which was next to an old prison and in the weeds of a cemetery. The rosebush here represents Hester because of its beauty and passion. Later on Pearl, Hester's daughter says that she was "plucked by her mother off the bush of wild roses that grew by the prison-door." This symbolizes that Pearl was born out of the passion and out of her mother. .
             The other important symbol is Pearl; Hester's daughter. Pearl was born in the old prison and she became the symbol of Hester's crime of adultery. Hester says, "God, as a .
             direct consequence of the sin which man thus punished had given her a lovely child, whose place was on that same dishonored bosom- Pearl is just like the .
             Letter A, it is a constant reminder of her sin. Peal also symbolizes innocence because Hester doesn't really know why her mom wears a scarlet letter this is shown when Pearl consistently asks her mother what it means: "But in good earnest now, mother dear, what does this scarlet letter mean?" Pearl doesn't understand y she and her mother are different from other people.

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