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Thomas Jefferson vs. Andrew Jackson

             Previous to the civil war rose two characters, two heroes, in Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Both serve as compact symbols representing the ideology of their own generations. Jefferson exemplifies the aristocrat, the democratic politician, writer extraordinaire, and the pacifist. Jackson epitomizes the common man, the farmer, the politician, military prowess, and the democracy of the period. Together their philosophies define an age in American history. These philosophies however, weren't alike in any sense. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson had a different philosophy for just about every topic that presented itself during their lifetimes. .
             Thomas Jefferson, the tall, sandy haired, Virginia lawyer of 33, served as the prosecuting attorney against Britain in 1776. Serving the fiery Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, he was led by his pen in his masterpiece, the Declaration of Independence. In his acts of rebellion against King George III's presumably tyrannous misdeeds ultimately led to the separation of the colonial people into the Tories and the Whigs, the loyalists and the patriots. His rebellion took shape against several factors including taxation with out representation, dispensing of trial by jury, abolishing valued laws, maintenance of standing armies in times of peace, cutting off our foreign trade burning towns, and creating hostilities between us and the Indians by mother England. Jefferson's values and beliefs brought him the prominence he received in this time period allowing him to further enslave us in his philosophy as our 3rd president. Jefferson is best known for his "shout heard round the world," also known as "Mr. Jefferson's advertisement of Mr. Lee's resolution," but there are many other important historical acts that are noteworthy but overshadowed by his Declaration of Independence. .
             Jefferson is also responsible for basic human rights including religious freedom in the colonies granted by his Declaration.

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