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Copyright in Furniture Designs - should designers copy?

            Before attempting to answer the question it is important to consider what the copyright is. A copyright is the right to produce, reproduce, and transform any original work. Copyright act provides valuable protection for artistic works in a specific condition. Artistic work such as paintings, drawings, architecture, sculpture, craft work, photographs, maps and plans. The act prevents these artistic works from being reused without permission or compensation of authors. .
             The act states specifically that the artistic work must be an original work of authorship', although the work may not be in artistic quality. The importance is that the work must contain minimum amount of original creative expression. .
             Since there is no registration procedure for copyright protection, the creator or the author of the artistic work becomes the copyright owner of the artistic work immediately. However, there are some exceptions; such as:.
             Employers own the copyright of their employees' works, employers have all rights to use the work in all purposes.
             Freelancers own the copyright of their works, but the person who paid the work also has the right to use the work but for the purpose of the work created.
             The copyright owner has all rights to reproduce the work in any material forms, make the work public for the first time, communicate the work to the public via any medias, and/or perform the work in public . .
             Other then the copyright owner, who reproduce part or whole of the protected work, or produce something that closely resembling the original work, would consider infringement. However, copyright does not protect idea or concepts. Therefore, people can developed and extend ones idea or concept without risking of infringement.
             In my opinion, I believe furniture designers put in a lot of efforts and time to create magnificent furniture; since the design of a piece of furniture is counted by its maximum simplicity and clarity of expression, easy to produce and resistant for daily use .

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