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To Kill A Mockingbird

            Societies perspective of other individual characters influences the reader's view of "most people" being "real nice". Harper Lee uses different techniques such as parallelism and symbolism to imply the personalities of the characters as individuals and together as a community. She uses simple ideas and situations to influence the reader's perception. She dictates to the reader the model perfection of "most" characters but also indicates that they have their faults. Harper Lee allows the reader to understand from the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" whether or not most people are "real nice".
             The aspect of innocence and the understanding of the term "real nice" come into the mind of the reader when Tom Robinson is mentioned in the novel "To Kill a Mocking bird". Tom's individuality and unique perfection has the white society underestimating his innocence. His outstanding display of kindness towards Mayella Ewell has people as a society find him guilty of raping their white women. As individuals their views change this is demonstrated through Mr Cunningham's change of attitude towards killing Tom and his superiority as an individual getting the men to leave "Let's get going, Boys". Through Harper Lee's use of symbolism of Tom to the Mockingbird the reader can see his purity and innocence. Like the Mocking bird he intends on harming no - one, but instead helping them. Evidence of this would be his accepting no money to help Mayella with her chores "No suh, not after she offered the first time I was glad to do it" . In the courtroom scene Tom's innocence is portrayed through his speaking the truth without considering the consequences "I felt right sorry for her". Although societies perspective pf Tom finds him guilty as "the usual disease" blinds them, the reader finds him to fit the term "real nice" due to his individual innocence.
             The real nice aspect Atticus portrays is his continual dismissal of others faults and his only finding the best of their values.

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